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E se a moda pegar?

The Times of India - DESERT FIRANGIPANI - Wednesday, May 5, 2010



DIVYA PAL Times News Network 

You were in a spiritual retreat 

I follow an Indian guru.I was away to complete my second course of Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankars Art Of Living.There is a lot that I have gained by following Art Of Living.I have learnt the benefits of not having an ego.We artistes think of ourselves as special beings.But in reality,we are nothing.Such lessons become important when you know you live in a world where people lose temper easily,point fingers at others and crib.We neither accept people the way they are nor admit our mistakes.

The impact of your show Caminho das Indias has 

been very strong.Brazilians are still curious to know about Indian culture and traditions... 

We had spent three months studying Indian culture,the way Indians speak,look and behave.For,its all different from here in Brazil.We had to focus a lot on gestures to help the people in Brazil understand and connect with the story.Im happy we did justice to our roles and made people know India.

Has your show brought any change in the perspective of Brazilians about India 

Yes,it has.They didnt know much about India.Initially,it wasnt all that easy for the viewers to understand Indian beliefs,Gods,rituals and expressions shown in the show.But that has changed now.Whenever I would be out on the streets,people would come to me and speak Hindi words.Theyd ask me questions like,How is India Tell me more about India.They all wanted to visit India especially the Pink City.We are all in love with Indian culture because people in India have so much respect for their parents and those elder to them.

Which Hindi words became popular in Brazil 

It was funny because it was pretty hard for us to speak Indian words.During our meetings,wed think of the Hindi words we wanted to use.Of the suggested words,I used shanti (be cool) and arrey baba,which also became a hit with the people in Brazil.Once,we also had a fight with Surya (the lovely Indian who helped us on the sets).I wanted to say some bad words in Hindi but he didnt let me.He said,You cant be saying bad words in Hindi. Thanks to my persistent efforts,he helped me learn the word janwar.I also know Mai tumse pyaar karti hoon.

Has there been a spurt in the number of shops selling sarees,Indian jewellery and music in Brazil 

Yes.Women were so impressed with Maya,the role that I essayed,that they started dressing up like her.They wanted to wear the same bindi and jewellery that Maya wore.In Brazilian shows,if a girl wears a bracelet,the viewers try to get that first.Since many Brazilians didnt know how to drape the saree,they went for the bracelet that Maya wore.This might sound funny,but I was also requested by the viewers to give tips on Indian make up.Hence,I had to upload videos to teach them the ways.It felt great to see women dying to be me.Even though the show is over,people still talk about it.I have done several shows,but the impact has never been this great.Brazilian women also fell in love with the way Indian husbands treat their wives.For,the show showed the bond between every Indian couple in a romantic way.Women were like Oh my God,we need an Indian husband.

You too need an Indian husband 

(Laughs) No.I have a Brazilian husband.But I do tell him to behave like the husbands behaved in the Indian show.I ask him to treat me like a princess.

What was the experience like during your visit to India 

It was great.We went to Varanasi,Agra and Jaipur.In Jaipur we shot on streets,at the Hanuman temple,virtually everywhere,with the locals,elephants,etc.Sometimes the director would put the camera far away from us,leave a radio in our pocket (for us to listen to the instructions) and would ask us to move with the local people on the roads in Jaipur.We would have bodyguards dressed like Indian people for our security on the roads.We also went to Jaigharh Fort.And,of course,Taj Mahal in Agra.I even cried on seeing the monument.For,it is exceptionally beautiful.Every window of the monument was like a frame to the sky,to nature.

Anything you bought from Jaipur 

I bought a lot of things,it was crazy.I dont have space to keep them.I bought a lot of dupattas,sofa and bed covers.My house is full of Indian stuff.I also got beautiful images of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna.

You also learnt yoga and Kathak to ensure you did justice to the role of Maya,isnt it 

I spent many nights awake watching videos.I watched hundreds of videos of Aishwarya Rai.I think she dances like a queen.She is gorgeous.Classical Indian dance is not easy.It is very specific and every movement has a meaning.I used to watch the videos and whatever looked beautiful I tried to imitate in the show.I didnt have that much time to learn the mudras so I danced in the show like actors dance in Bollywood films.

Have you met Aishwarya 

I just know her through the internet.I have seen a lot of her movies and know she is married to Abhishek,a famous Bollywood actor.Im aware of the fact that Bollywood actors are like Gods in India.Aishwarya is amazing.I also like Bipasha Basu.

Youre called Aishwarya in Brazil... 

Yes.They think I look like her,just that I dont have those green eyes.During my stay in India,a lot of people asked me which part of the country I had come from and I would say,Im from Brazil.And they wouldnt believe me.

Was wearing sarees in the show a mammoth task 

No.In fact I taught many people how to wear a saree,most importantly the seven folds.I learnt it and know how to wear it.Saree is sure the sexiest garment.I bought myself loads of sarees from India.For,I wanted to use them for my role of Maya.I really miss wearing sarees.It was just so special to me.

This pic was clicked backstage,right in the middle of the show 

With Indian dancers.I spent many nights watching dance videos as I was to dance in the show 

On the sets,with part of the crew.Thats a cool mahal in the background 

Right after winning the Emmy it was emotional,special,a momentous time of our lives 

Shopping for juttis ... Never seen so many colours at one place,ever 

I bought lots of dupattas from Jaipur 

Dancing on the sets,for the show.I mustve watched hundreds of videos of Aishwarya Rai,to learn to dance like her 

I got beautiful images of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna from Jaipur 

Just the moment we arrived at the Rambagh Hotel 

At the Jaighar Fort.Its just so beautiful 

Shooting in progress 

Having lunch on sets Marcio,my co-star,couldnt stand the heat 

During the shoot of Caminho das Indias in Rajasthan.Adding to the colours were the painted elephants! 
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